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Hanna Solmu

QA Lead – Digital Services and IT

I have worked at Ponsse with competent and enthusiastic work colleagues over two years now. We have been able to improve Ponsse's QA process and testing knowledge considerably in this time. Whole software industry seem to have taken steps forward in last 15 years with testing knowledge. I have had a great opportunity to observe from my previous positions to see this growth. I am excited to see what next years will bring to whole software development and maintenance process.

People at Ponsse always aims high with can do attitude, not forgetting facts and reality. Heads in the clouds but feet on the ground. QA and testing in IT projects follows the same pattern, continuous improvement in mind. My work continues with QA processes in versatile IT projects. I am guiding colleagues at Ponsse and Ponsse partners in QA processes and testing. I have solid support of my IT Development Projects & QA team and whole Ponsse organization.  

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